Wingman Force Feedback Mouse

Design Brief  
Worlds first consumer force feedback computer mouse.

Logitech Corporation (Immersion technology licensee)

Designed & Built


6,822,635, 6,342,880, 6,191,774, 6,166,723, 6,100,874


Worlds first force-feedback desktop computer mouse
Highly integrated "haptic engine" uses two custom-designed flat-coil actuators with unique kinematics. Engine capable of generating 1 Newton of force in any direction.
Assembly showing flat coil actuators and magnetic structure
Highly integrated electromechanical assembly designed for high-volume (e.g. 100's of thousands to millions of units) production.
PCB contains dual switchmode motor drivers and custom SoC (System-on-Chip) control ASIC featuring a 10MIPS RISC engine with USB 1.1 running entirely custom haptics firmware.
Exploded view of the high-bandwidth electromechanics