Bruce Schena
Thumbnail Portfolio

daVinci-S Surgical System

Odetics Dexterous

Digitizing Arm


5mm Articulated
Surgical Instrument


GolfPro Intelecady
(intelligent robot)


Nomad 200
Robotic Arm for
Nomadic Technologies

Robot Gripper

Beam Assembly
Teleoperator (BAT)
MIT Space Systems Lab

Space Shuttle
Flight Experiment
MIT Space Systems Lab


Gravis Exterminator
Force Feedback
Gamepad for PCs

Logitech Wingman
Force Feedback
Computer Mouse


Logitech iFeel Mouse
(vibrotactile computer mouse)


Logitech Wingman
Force Feedback
Joystick for PCs


CH Products Force-FX
Force Feedback
Joystick for PCs


ACT Labs Force-RX
Force Feedback
Racing Wheel for PCs


Immersion Lightscribe
3D Digitizing System


Immersion Impulse Stick
Industrialized Force
Feedback Joystick
(for DisneyQuest)


HEL Robot Arm
for US Army
Logistics Support


3 Generations of Custom
CBA/Standard Cell
USB Microcontrollers
for Force Feedback
Consumer Products



Custom Optical
Encoder Silicon
Chip using a
Novel, Multi-phase
Sensing Scheme
(not pictured)


Beachwood Brew-tank
Cleaning Robot
for Anheuser-Busch
(not pictured)


Various Industrial
Design Explorations
& ID Models

Kinesthetic Constructions

Global Network
of Force Feedback
(proof of concept stage)
(not pictured)