MicroScribe-3D Digitizing Arm


Design Brief  
“High Performance Art” – high accuracy, low cost, easy to use desktop digitizing system for graphic artists, animators, engineers & scientists
Immersion Corporation (for Microscribe group, now 3D Capture & Interaction)
Designed & Built
1995 (Model D), 1996 (Models DX, DL, DLX) – still being sold today (brochure)
Design Distinction Award ID Magazine 1996

Dozens of excellent product reviews & tradeshow awards


D377,932, 6,015,473, 6,078,876, 6,125,337, 6,134,506, 6,697,748


ID Magazine Design Distinction Award 1996

The MicroScribe Product Family

Some of my favorite things that customers have done with MicroScribe over the years…

(A much more comprehensive gallery can be found here on the offical Immersion MicroScribe site.)

(and, if you want to see a Flash animation of how it works, click here.)

Digitized hand-sculpted models of Shrek character for subsequent animationCreated by the cool folks at PDI/Dreamworks (Hot Tip for the curious: check out the “Extra Material” section of the DVD version of the movie – there is a brief (like 1 second) glimpse of MicroScribe tracing a clay model of Shrek’s head)

Digitized asparagus spears (in the field, literally) for agricultural research at Texas A&M and Universidad Austral de Chile

Digitized carved scale models for Grizzly Peak at Disney’s California Adventure themepark in Anaheim California.

CAD models were then used to create concrete formwork and measurements for the full-size construction at the park