GolfPro Intelecady

Design Brief  
Autonomous robot capable of carrying 2 full golf bags for 3 rounds of golf. Programmed with "golfer etiquette" and knowledge of the course terrain. Capable of navigating the course end-to-end without human input.

GolfPro International

Designed & Built
1993-1995, responsible for original chassis design, motors, transmissions, sensors, wheels, power system and motor drives. Also designed 8-bit "line-scan" optical sensing array for downward-looking reflective line tracking.

Excerpt from original marketing materials:


Intelecady is the world's first personal service autonomous robot... a computer controlled, electric powered, robotic caddy. Unlike any other product on the market, Intelecady is completely self sufficient. It knows the detailed geography of a golf course, navigates its way independently, and uses proper golf etiquette while furnishing the essential services of a human caddy to either one or two golfers.

Intelecady is your personal golf caddy, ready and willing to carry your bags and provide course information. But, it won't talk during your back swing. Using Intelecady, you can walk a golf course without lugging a heavy and awkward bag, or being responsible for your equipment over 18 holes. INTELECADY is a high tech product combining digital mapping, radio beacons, numerous ultrasound sensors, and GPS signals from satellites. Impressive stuff! Especially considering that this product has been designed solely to make your golf game more enjoyable.


GolfPro International, Inc., a high tech company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is the developer and producer of InteleCady, the world’s first commercially oriented, personal service robot.In the summer of 1999, GolfPro International completed it first InteleCady installation at San Jose Country Club, and expects to have several more courses up and running by the end of the year.

Sad Note: GolfPro International is no longer in business - they declared bankruptcy in ~2001 after fielding 2 installations and over 50 working robots.